World Point will undoubtedly be a major hub of excitement and activity during the 2019 World Scout Jamboree.  National Scout Organizations are encouraged to showcase their culture and highlight the uniqueness and pride they feel toward their countries.  By visiting each exhibit, Scouts from around the world will get to learn about different cultures; what makes them unique, and what we all have in common.  National Scout Organizations will also have the option to request administrative space, to provide room for contingent staff meet. We expect many people from all over the world to staff this area, which will give us a great opportunity to work with one another.

World Point will also offer stages with professional equipment for those countries who would like to perform for all to see.  We expect lots of music, dance, and cultural experiences to fill our stages daily. All participating countries are encouraged to perform.  This will also be a great opportunity for staffers from all over the world to learn new and innovative production techniques from one another.  After all, “there’s no business-like show business!”

There will also be great opportunities for Jamboree participants to meet and celebrate together at World Point.  Reception areas will be available for those National Scout Organizations who wish to throw a catered gathering for their own participants, or to invite members from other nations.  Consider scheduling a reception as a contingent, to enhance your Jamboree experience.

With all that’s going on at the Jamboree and especially World Point, youth might need to unwind and relax.  Well sort of…  Our Puma Den tent will be the greatest place at the whole Jamboree for youth scouters to hang-out.  From video games, table tennis, cards, or backgammon, chess, and checkers, or even to sink into one of our soft bean bag chairs and relax.  Music will fill the air or just relax with your own favorite music.  You will always be welcome at the Puma Den.

So “Get to the Point” … The World Point at the 2019 World Scout Jamboree!

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