The International Service Team (IST) Experience Team looks forward to welcoming almost 10,000 IST members from National Scout Organizations (NSOs), to the Jamboree and offering the ISTs a memorable Jamboree Experience.

When not sleeping or working, the aim is to provide all ISTs with an all-embracing series of activities to suit all ages.

The team will be located in Ephesus (Echo) Base Camp and include:

  • IST Office
  • IST Subcamp Program
  • IST Program
  • IST Training
  • IST Allocation
  • IST Support
  • IST Accountability
  • IST Awards

The IST Office will deal with all IST issues, from general information, to help desk, transport information, use of interpreters, etc., and who will disseminate all information on the teams below.

The Subcamp Program Team will provide an exciting on-site program for the IST when they are not working or sleeping. This team will encourage all to participate in a range of activities including:

  • A cinema, a sauna, a gym, yoga & fitness area
  • A coffee bar in the meet and greet tent, a dance tent, a stage for live performances
  • Badge swapping
  • Various sports, including Jamboree “World Cup Competitions”
  • Swimming in Tickle Lake
  • Chat & Chew, which is a fast food & drinks outlet

The Program Team will work closely with the Subcamp Program Team to provide and coordinate offsite activities on the ISTs time off. These will include:

  • A tour of the site
  • Hiking in the local area
  • Trips to the local town
  • Trips to local attractions
  • Adventurous activities such as white water rafting offsite
  • On-site program activities when not being used by participants

The Training Team is hard at work preparing online modules, which will be available in early 2019, to better prepare ISTs for their Jamboree experience, prior to arrival. These include:

  • 19 orientation modules. These are highly recommended for ISTs to complete as they provide an excellent orientation to the Jamboree and the Summit.
  • Safe from Harm modules, which are mandatory and will have to be completed prior to arrival. The Safe from Harm (SfH) course is intended to ensure that the World Scout Jamboree is an abuse-free environment.
  • A number of educational modules of interest to ISTs, which can be attended voluntarily during the Jamboree.

The Allocation Team will provide concierge services:

  • By meeting and greeting ISTs at the Ruby Welcome Centre and guiding them through the Registration Check-in process.
  • Ensuring they get on the relevant bus to get to Ephesus (Echo) Base Camp.
  • Furthermore, on-site, the team will deal with all work-related enquiries, including reallocation, no-shows at their work allocation, etc., with the help of the support team and assist with finding additional ISTs when needed by any work area or team.

The Support Team will provide support through:

  • The Listening Ear, (a team of experienced adult Scouters who give welcome support or their “listening ear “to ISTs who need to talk to someone), which will be coordinate with the HOCs.
  • A Quiet Area where ISTs can meet for some peace and quiet.

The Accountability Team that will work closely with the Allocation Team to identify and find out which staff do not turn up for work and why. They will handle the situation in line with guidelines currently being developed by the Jamboree Planning Team.

The Awards Team that will encourage ISTs to meet in international teams to perform a series of activities to earn an award.

“Happy IST’s make a happy Jamboree and the IST Experience Team are working to make that happen.”

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