On the 29th of July my group went to Mt. Jack but I was unable to go. Still I wondered what it was like for them up there. So I decided to ask them some questions and share them with you.


1)How did you get to the mountain and how much time did you spend on it?

  • We walked for about 15min from our basecamp C to basecamp A. From there on we started our actual trip. We walked for about 1h to the top using the yellow trail (a white one was also possible and that would have been shorter and easier). When we finished the hike we were at the edge of the Mt. Jack area of activities. 


2)What was the most interesting thing about the climb?

  • Probably the view because the mountain and forest are pretty beautiful. At the top the most interesting thing was the Spartan race.


3)Did you see something particularly interesting to you on the mountain? If yes, what.

  • We saw a particularly interesting activity, which was throwing the tomahawk but unfortunately the lines were too long for us to wait and we didn’t get to try that.


4)What did you do there besides walking and climbing?

  • Some of us did the Sapartan race. It’s an obstacle course where we could choose to either do the 1 mile or the 2 mile course. We all did the 1 mile course and in the end of that we had the choice to finish or to do another mile (¾ of the group desided to do the second mile). In the race we had to jump or climb over and crawl under different things and carry heavy weights between certain distances. We had to climb up straight walls using only our strength and sometimes the help of our friends (still a team game after all) We also had to run through steep ups and downs. For every obstacle we couldn’t do we had to do 15 burpees. At the end we got a metal necklace of the Spartan race and if we wanted to receive our badge we had to dance Macarena. (We also got Novus points from two different places for finishing the climb/completing our mission.)


5)How much food and water did you bring with you?

  • We brought at least two water bottles per person and refilled them from time to time. For food we took some snacks and sandwiches with us.


6)What advice would you give to other people who are interested in climbing Mountain Jack?

  • Definitely bring comfortable shoes, water and a hat. And also motivation to as much as you can.


7)Would you recommend it?

  • Yes, of course. We especially liked the Spartan race, which was really cool. 

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