One thing that I learned in Scouts, it’s that no matter how small the activity is, there’s always a new story to tell, therefore of course that the Jamboree as a LOT of stories to tell!
One day I was playing my ukulele when a group of my friends ask me to go to the bathroom with them and I brought my ukulele with me, everyone who was inside the bathroom asked me to play it and out of nothing I was giving a concert to a bunch of swedish guys on a male bathroom!
There’s a lot of times when someone passes by me with a speaker listening to a song that I like, and I immediately start singing that same song with that person and one day i was on the bridge when a group of Paraguaians passes by me listening to ABBA, in the space of two minutes I already had their contacts and, i was playing football with them.
I hear a lot of funny stories too! Everyday I meet a new person and I’m always hearing the stories that they tell me, and it’s hilarious some of the things that I hear like a greek guy that told me the story of how he went to Portugal in December thinking that we were three best Christmas celebraters .

I have so many things that I want to say but unfortunately i can’t resume all in a blog, the only thing that I can say it’s that im having a lot of fun and I wish that you could see this.


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