Feeling sick? Nothing some calpol can’t fix.

That was my motto this morning, when all the adventure and cold nights finally caught up with me. Not a problem though, I simply had my calpol then continued with my activities as usual. And I’m so glad I decided to leave the warm comfort of my sleeping bag, because I had a great day! A group of four of us from my unit buddied up for the day, and our first stop was kayaking. I used to kayak when I was younger and so i really enjoyed taking a kayak around the lake with the sun warming my shoulders. It was great fun with my team, we tried playing tag in our kayaks so we spent a lot of time paddling away from each other and joking around.

After we’d dried off we walked further alongĀ  kayak trail and ended up at The Rocks – a massive rock climbing, abseiling and bouldering complex. It was epic!! I managed to climb up the first wall I chose, but after that my ankles (i have some problems with them) started playing up, so i tried a few walls that seemed easy but had to stop as I didn’t want to end up in the medical tent and miss jamboree activities! So we went abseiling instead. It was fun rappelling down the wall, and we all cheered each other on as we each took that first step.

After that, it was time for The Leap of Faith, where you have to jump off a building and have your harness then lower you down. Exhilarating doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt – it was epic!!

On a different, more cultural note, in the evening as part of the Global Ambassador exchange programme, I had 3 Bolivians round to our camp for dinner. It was a great chance for us to learn about our two very different countries, and I for one had a great time (I only hope they can say the same!)

That’s all for today! Goodnight from West Virginia.

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