Flags, Novus, and Disney… I can die now😅

    I shall clarify before all that I missed the oppening ceremony… Thus, the unity show was the first time I happen to encounter that much scouts all in one stadium in such manner.
    I started my night early, ran to the stadium in order to catch shots of the contingents marching into the show. Accompagning the moment was the traditional latin and asian dancers on the side stages, the scenery ranked an impressive level of diversity… The best I had seen yet. Through that I had the opportunity to truely witness the massiveness of our revolutionary/huge movement.
   The amazing night was very well preformed by the miraculous team of Disney Broadway.. That descision was quite ideal due to the internationalism of Disney’s audience. You bet everyone was singing😅.
   Oh yeah and the novuses decided to all light together all at once…. I can die now.
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