Are you working towards the jamboree participation award? Miguel Sousa, of the Scout Association of Portugal, did – and he became the first person at the 2019 World Scout Jamboree to earn the Novus Award!

As the first jamboree participant to win the award, Miguel was presented with a special necker declaring him a Novus Champion! He was presented his necker by Yona during the New World Live! broadcast on Sunday night, 28 July. Congratulations, Miguel!

Want one of these neckers yourself? It’s not too late. The top Novus winners from each subcamp, base camp, and WOSM Region will receive this distinctive neckerchief.

We still have several days before the jamboree ends – it’s not too late to earn your award and possibly be recognized as a Novus Champion. All Scouts who complete the participation award requirements will earn the badge; the top winners will be recognized with the neckerchief.

Review the participation award requirements at

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