This adventure began from the moment I boarded the plane, I was so nervous but at the same time excited for what I expected, I could not believe I was a few hours from a magnific camp.

I will not deny that I felt the nervousness when I got off the plane, since I waited in a few hours, as well as in the camp and it was not so, I expected a long trip of more than 7 hours.

At the beginning it was quiet because we began to stress, because we already wanted to reach us, we finally had a little disappointment, we were 3 in the morning and unfortunately our life was full of water and did not have the beds placed. So “to work has been said” and we could rest. Very early in the morning I got up to go very excited “Global Ambassadors” where I met interesting people, who like me were very excited and told us a little about our country, the truth was that cultural exchange was fun.

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