Ok so, it has been a very busy past few days and due to the amount of activities and sightseeing, I have not been able to upload a blog yet. This means I am going to cram as much information into this blog as possible. So, strap on your harnesses everyone, we are in for a whole zipline of information and fun.

So the South African contingent arrived at the campsite at about 10 PM. The rain was pouring down and we mentally prepared ourselves to brave the weather and step out into the elements to set up our tents, only to find that some American scouts had already done it for us. To those Americans I just want to say, thank you so much, without you we would have had a very rough night that night.

Anyway back to the Jamboree, the next day we woke up to a very muddy campsite and immediately decided that going barefoot might be better than wearing shoes and sinking ankle deep into Shreks swamp (fun fact, my shoes are still soaked through) Throughout the day we made sure to improve our campsite by adding in a wooden path to stop us from getting muddy and making a lovely gateway. We also made sure that anyone could spot us from a mile away. So, if you are ever lost follow the sounds of our vuvuzelas, I promise you they are very hard to miss. That day we also attended the opening ceremony where we danced in the opening song (the circle of life) and looked with wide eyes at the drone’s. We also entertained ourselves by dancing like mad people whenever a new song came on and deafening the people around us with our vuvuzelas and yelling Jamboree! Whenever someone said it on stage.

So far we have spent the rest of the Jamboree walking through the world village, learning about the cultures, installing a blowup pool (where we have had apple bobbing competitions and set up a whole board of pool rules, remember scouts no drowning in our paddle pool!) I also got to experience the big zip with its amazing sights that look out over the lake and some of the campsites and got to watch some of our scouts get stuck half way due to them not being heavy enough (they obviously aren’t eating enough oreos)

Finally something that I didn’t expect to be so popular was trading no matter where you go you will see countries trading scarves, caps and contingent badges.

From what I have learnt in the limited timeĀ  I have been here is that at Jamboree don’t ever be afraid to try and make friends, everyone I have encountered so far have been so incredibly nice and welcoming.

So, to all those scouts in the area. If you ever find yourself in Camp D come stop by the South African tent. We love making new friends.

So thank you for reading, I cant wait to see you in the next video


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