The Korean K-Pop boy band NCT Dream will perform today, at the stage in base camp C from 15:00 to 15:30. One of their songs was written to support scouting activities in low-income countries.

If you walk around during the evening, you might be lucky enough to see fireflies blinking. Tuesday afternoon, you could experience fireflies at the stage of base camp C when NCT Dream plays their new song called “Fireflies.”

NCT Dream is a boy band with six young men from South Korea. They have made the song “Fireflies” to support scouting. This means that all the proceeds from the song will go to support scouting activities in low-income countries around the world.

The band has also been named the Global Ambassador of the World Scout Foundation.
The foundation’s director Jon Geoghegan said, “King Carl XVI Gustaf and the World Scout Foundation are happy to have NCT Dream as our ambassador. Music is a language that transcends culture and beliefs and unites people as one. We believe NCT Dream will spread a message of peace and hope to all youths around the world through music and set an example for them.”

“Fireflies” is not the only song you will be able to hear when they perform. The boy band debuted in August 2016, and since, the band has made several songs. Some of their most popular songs have reached anywhere from 834,000 to 34 million views. “We go up” has attained 34 million views. The band sings in both Korean and Mandarin.

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