Today was a super great day, several of the ambassadors did the Field Trip and had a great time, first we went to the Charleston museum and it was a very good experience, in my opinion it is the best museum I have visited, every time you entered a new era the environment made it the same as that time and made it more realistic, it was one of the things that I liked the most.
we also visited the Charleston library, and it was very good, they showed us each place and how things were organized in the library.
Then we went to the scout leadership service center and ate and right there we had a boat trip, it was a very nice and exciting experience, there were tables to sit and we had the time to get to know each other!
Finally we went to a center where the salt is manufactured, they took us to the “sunhouse” it was too hot in there, we were almost 35 degrees, barely in and I was already sweating, very crazy! they taught us the process of how they cleaned and manufactured the Salt, very interesting, right there they had a store where they sold everything they made with salt, it was a very good experience since we learned something good!
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