Yesterday, we went to our last activity as a Global Ambassadors.
We went to Charlestone!
After an hour of bus, we were at the Civil War of WV museum. It was very interesting, and I had really love the game that we had done! We had a book, with some question about every room, some stuff that we had to find… It was very funny, and it is a good thing for help people to learn about the subject of the museum!
After that, we went to the Boys Scouts of America museum. There was a small museum we some objects of the past Jamboree. And we ate pizzas there!
After that, we went on a boat to see a bit West Virginia.
And for last, we went to a Salt family factory. They explain and show us all the steps for making Salt. It was very interesting too!
When we were back, I didn’t do anything… I eat and then I went to my American neighbours and listen some music with them!
For the pasts days, I didn’t do anything… I was tired, and I had just walk around and visiting.
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