#ScoutJamboree is placed in West Virginia, the beautiful 35th state of the USA, marked by the abundance of flora and fauna. With 3 days left until the end of the Jamboree, it was given to the Global Ambassadors the unique opportunity of visiting Charleston, WV capital.

We left the camp around 8 o’ clock in a fancy, typical american school bus, like the ones you see in the movies, and went straight to the city of Charleston, where we arrived after 90min on the road.

We stopped the bus right in front of the City museum, which happens to be West Virginia Archives too! After an interactive tour that explained the appearance, development and history of the state, we got to see two floors full of registers such as Abraham Lincoln letters, Supreme Court documents, and awesome draws from the XVII century! It’s pretty incredible how can we record man’s history in pieces of paper and how they are kept preserved for a long time! I know now we all have internet, and that it’s easier to just take a picture and save that in ICloud or Drive… but does that worth the same as the original? What an opportunity!

As the day went by, we also made a boat trip, in a ship that has more than 90 years, that took us to the Salt-Works of J.Q.Dickinson. I’ve already been to a place like this in Portugal, but it was still very impressing and we ended the day tasting different kinds of salts and some sweet-salty snacks! Hmmm

The worse part of this all, is that Jamboree is almost finishing, and with it, my work as #wsjga! I hope you’re enjoying (at least some of) my blogs!

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