Each World Jamboree participant will have the opportunity for a mountaintop experience on Mt. Jack, where unique adventures await.  This day-long program will feature a brisk, yet picturesque hike up Mt. Jack, the highest point of the Summit Bechtel Reserve.  There, you’ll find a collection of unique activity centers ready for you to explore.   While enjoying your day on Mt. Jack, you will have the chance to see commanding overlooks of the World Jamboree site and the New River Gorge.  You will also enjoy all-day live entertainment and then finish the day with a traditional chuck-wagon style BBQ dinner and an exciting evening campfire program, before returning to camp.

While enjoying the day on Mt. Jack, participants will have the opportunity to visit multiple activity centers that will challenge, educate, and inspire participants of any age and background.  Activity centers you will encounter include:

Friendship Tartan Games – Traditional highland games that are popular around the world, many of which have evolved into modern Olympic events

Spartan Race – A challenge course designed to be run as an individual or as a team.  This course will test your mind, body, and spirit

Wood, Ropes and Spars – Experience a vast collection of hands-on traditional and modern projects made of wood and ropes, all built onsite

Frontier Village – Here you will step back in time to experience life as the early North American Explore knew it.  Enjoy hands-on activities to understand how they lived, survived and tamed the wilderness

Field Sports – Participate in individual and team sports from all around the world

Indigenous Peoples – Immerse yourself in an encampment of North American indigenous peoples to see how they lived

In addition to these activity centers, other surprises await your trip to Mt. Jack, so be ready to hike and “Unlock a New World.”

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