Hi everyone, I’m Claudia! I’m from Peru, Few days ago I was with Lovisa,she is from Sweden, she was really nice with me and my patrol, she was early in my subcamp and i was somethin like “Omg, I need do all the things” because my group was prepared the dinner,and I needed help them,so Lovisa wanted to be volunteer,she was helping with everything she can, meanwhile we were talking about our countries,about the things we like, the things we gonna do, etc.

She was really lovely, she has a opinion for everything! I love this. We talk about the difference about her country and my, she was impressed for all the things we do! Like the salute in South America;

We usually say “Hi” With a kiss on the check and a hug, she was really impressed, she say that’s was really informal if you meet someone for the fist time, in Peru is normal, but is weird if you salute someone with the hand, is only for really important person, we laughed for a while.

My group cooked “Arroz Chaufa” Is a fast and delicious dish from Peru, it’s rice with eggs, hot dogs and a sauce called “Sillao”, Lovisa was hungry, so when she tasty the dish first, she loved! I was excited for her reaction! (You can watch the video at the end of this blog)

Also we tried play some Peruvians instruments, like “ZampoƱa” (You can watch the video at the end of this blog! ) I like how she was amazed with all the things we do, my patrol have a good friend in she now!

I’m really grateful for the exchange, I could meet a great person, and we are good friends now!

I hope to see her one day.

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for reading!


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