There is probably no more memorable place for scouts to get engaged than at a World Scout Jamboree, and that is exactly what two British scouts did on Saturday.

Ellie and her now fiancé James have shared their love for scouting since their second date, where Ellie was first introduced to his scouting group. They later became a couple and wanted to attend the 24th World Scout Jamboree together. Unfortunately, only Ellie was able to attend the Jamboree as an IST member while James was not selected as an IST member. James planned the trip to fly to West Virginia and pulled off a huge surprise. He organized the engagement through a mutual friend at the Jamboree. The friend ensured that Ellie did not know anything and that she would be at the right place at the right time. The mutual friend was able to get Ellie down to where are all the flags from the world are, near the river, without her suspecting anything. When Ellie saw James, she was shocked as she never would have imagined him being at the Jamboree. Ellie said “yes” and the couple is very happy to have had their engagement in such an epic place. “The Jamboree now has a different meaning and we want to go to the next one together,” said Ellie.

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