Yesterday evening was the second part of the Global Ambassador dinner exchange program. My second exchange partner was Mario from Honduras. His unit is staying in Subcamp A4, which is like a 30 minute walk from C1.

I didn’t mind walking all the way there after chilling out the entire day, doing all of nothing. I made it almost on time even though I had underestimated the time it would take me to get there. My hosts didn’t mind, so it was fine.

Mario, his unit and I talked and talked about a lot of things, including scouting, the final exams in school and traffic, before and while eating. It was all very chill and everybody just eats, whenever they feel like it, so we didn’t all eat together.

We talked for a long time and several hours had passed before we realised how long we had been talking for. Most of the Honduran contingent ate much later, so I never got to see them. I don’t blame them though, it was very warm and it would have been just fine to eat a couple of hours later.

My unit had been in contact with an English unit, the Psychedelic Squirrels, pre-Jamboree, so of course I had to go over and say hello after having seen their flag from Mario’s campsite. When I had said goodbye to Mario and his friends, I made my way over to our friends place.

They were just finishing up one of their daily rituals and I came right in time for desserts. Just like I had been welcomed by the Honduran Contingent, I was welcomed warmly. They invited me in and we chatted for quite a long time, before it had definitely become the time for me to start my stroll back.

Some of them wanted to go to the karaoke night that was happening by the food houses, so decided to accompany me until there. But once we got there, the party was deemed as not worthy of their time. Out of one of my jokes, asking them if they wanted to tag along to my campsite, I got escorted all the way back to C. Sadly enough, they had to return directly upon our arrival in C.

Nonetheless, we spent a nice time together and I was sad that it had to end so soon. But we plan on meeting up some more this Jamboree, so our goodbyes were not definite. And if we don’t meet at the Jamboree, we hope that it will be during our stay in Washington D.C..

Tomorrow will be the day of our Closing Reception for all Global Ambassadors, but you might get some updates from me from our time in Washington. Shawn Mendes is playing here, while I’m writing this, so I’m very distracted and it’s difficult to come up with an ending to this blog…

Anyway, I hope that this will not be my final post on here and that I get around to tell you about the Closing Ceremony on August 1st and whatever we’re doing in our post-Jamboree-camp!

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