My jamboree experience kicked off back in Scotland with a family barbecue, spending the night inside a scout hall near us, bearly sleeping and excitedly talking all night.

We woke early to last minute prep and travel to the air port. Breakfast was quick. Duty free was chaotic. And we were ushered onto a plane for the next six hours. It didn’t take long before realising kilts may be the least travel appropriate clothes of all time but it’s safe to say we were lookin fantastic. My entire unit was ecstatic and I felt so ready for the experience of a life time.

The flight wasn’t as long as I thought it would be, I made good use of my time catching up on sleeping (something I’d thank myself for later) and listening to music. The food was amazing, frequent and quality. And before we knew it, we’d touched down in the city that never sleeps.

After some sightseeing in New York (which I’ll post about tomorrow) and a night spent at Hofstra University just outside it, we left to continue our journey down country roads to West Virginia…

Only another 7 hours worth of bus rides kept us from our final destination. We slept at the university of west Virginia in Morgan town and started off again early the next day.

Sitting in the same place for a long time is absolutely exhausting. Shame we’ve only completed 20 out of an estimated 50 hours of travelling so far. Ooft. 

It’s safe to say I don’t want to see another bus ever again.

Now we’re here, we’ve set up and we’re ready to spend the next 2 weeks of our summer soaking up the Virginian sun, swapping badges, making memes, memories and creating international friends… 


I’ve loved this journey so far and can’t wait for the opening ceremony.


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