On the 24th of July, my unit, the Meliau unit from the Malaysian contingent had a dinner exchange with an American unit. We had the dinner exchange to express our gratitude towards them as they helped us set up our campsite the day we arrived.

We arrived at the campsite just slightly before dark and unfortunately, a storm was coming our way just 15 minutes after we arrived. The Americans had informed us that a storm was coming and they would like to help us out. They helped us set up our tents and even brought dinner for us.
A good deed does not go unappreciated. We cooked chicken fried rice, pork fried rice, chicken broth and we made a warm Barley drink.
The Americans on the other hand made burgers for us and we could add cheese and bacon. They also served macaroni and cheese salad. It was really delicious.
We mingled with the Americans for the rest of the night and I got to learn alot about how scouting works in America and it is very different from Malaysia. I felt really happy to have the chance to eat dinner with them and know more about their scouting culture.
A selfie of the Malaysian and American scouts before dinner was served.
The American food spread.
Chicken fried rice and pork fried rice prepared by the Malaysian scouts.
The scouts are standing in for food. They can just pick whatever they want to eat and it is self service.
From left to right: Li En, Leona (me) and Mark.
Here we are with our food and we are excited to try each other’s dishes.
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