Thanks to the first Global Ambassador meeting, Livie from Belgium invited me for dinner on Thursday the 25th of July. I was allowed to bring Alannah, a friend of mine with me.
We met Livie around 5pm at the Global Ambassador Headquarter and walked together to the belgium Camping place.
On the way Alannah and I got to know Livie and her country better. We talked and laughed a lot and started to build a friendship.
I was super excited to meet the others from her unit and also wondered what we would eat for dinner.
When we arrived at her place, we just sat down and continued talking. Livie even showed us a giant Badge that she swapped for a uniform. It was huge and very colourful. I was able to see how happy she was, that she got it what I can understand a lot. The Badge was pretty, big and seemed to be extremely rare because I haven’t seen it before.
Later on some other belgian scouts sat to us and started playing uno. It was a lot of fun because they all had a lot of humour and joked around. I was a little confused because some of them spoke Dutch, some spoke french when they talked together they spoke English but it didn’t bother. We still had a wonderful time.
We ate burgers for dinner that were so delicious. I would have eaten at least five of them but I was full after my first.
At the end many burgers were left so some of the guys built a enormous burger with three to four slices of meat in it and tried to eat them as fast as they could. Their contingents cheered and encouraged them to bolt down their burgers even faster.
Alannah and I walked back to our camping place around 8:15pm while we recalled all the new memories we made.


Livie, Alannah and me after the dinner (order from right to left)

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