Dinner with friends – one of the most interesting activities we have here at the World Scout Jamboree is having dinner with new friends from different parts of the world. In my camp there are already 5 countries – Serbia (my country), Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. We are all from Balkan, but we met here. For us dinner is a special time because we all meet there after different activities and talk about our days. But, that is not all. One of my friends from Bosnia is great cook! You could smell her food from other side of the camp. That is why we have guests for dinner every evening. It started with few american boys from the camp near us. They liked our food so much. After them we had so many guests from various countries. One day it was scouts from Slovenia with whom we could talk on some kind of Serbian language (our languages are similar). While they were with us two guys from Croatia came and we had fun playing cards. It was nice because we had people from all of the countries who were part of Yugoslavia at one point. Next day was also interesting because uninvited came some boys from america, couple of scouts from Czech Republic and 10 scouts from Croatia. We invited them over for dinner, had a great time and met great new friends. And not just scouts from Europe came. Next day we had some guys from Korea eatingĀ  our Balkan food, and they liked it! We tried their potato pancakes and I have to say it was good but for my taste it needed more salt. And for going to other camps for dinner, most interesting part was having dinner with Croatian scouts at their camp. We had pasta with tuna and different salads. We speak similar languages and know same songs so we hag a wonderful time together singing. It was one of the tings I enjoyed the most.
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