I never thought I would go to Singapore for dinner….until the Jamboree! I was invited for dinner by Singapore’s Global Ambassador Jeremy – as part of the Global Ambassador exchange programme. Last night was wonderful, we had a great time discussing culture, school, and scouting; exchanged badges and had some great food: pineapple fried rice and marinated chicken. It was divine, and so different to our Mediterranean cuisine. Me and my 2 buddies (at the World Scout Jamboree we have to use the buddy system, which means no one can go anywhere   alone for safety reasons) really enjoyed it so thanks to the Singapore unit in B1 for last nights dinner!

Tonight we had people from Lebanon for dinner, as we really got along today during the Cultural Celebration Day. Mike, a Lebanese scout from Desmos, joined us too, so there were about 10 of us from the Desmos camp there, which made it a fun reunion dinner!

*a few hours later*

I just got back from tonight’s Unity Show and I am once again (this seems to be a regular occurence with these Jamboree shows) speechless. The unity show began with us learning about each other, about our religions, and that there are millions of things that unite us all. Then, we were surprised! Four showstopping stars who have starred in Disney musicals on Broadway performed for us. Seeing as I love Broadway and Disney, saying I was thrilled would be putting it lightly (I cried at the end). The stars sang songs from the Lion King, Aida, the Little Mermaid, Newsies, Mary Poppins, Aladdin, Tarzan, Hercules and Frozen. We all sang along to Let It Go (yes…all 45,000 of us!) and I cheered so much i think I’m going to wake up tomorrow with no voice! The Jamboree just keeps on surprising me and giving me more and more memories.

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