When I came to the USA I saw a lot of differences between the Netherland. In this blog I will explain a few of them.


  • the food

First, you have the food. In the USA people put much more sugar in all the food. Tomato Sauce? Sweet because of the sugar. Bread? Sweet. Chicken? Sweet. And if I want, I can mention a lot more. Also there are drinks you don’t have in the Netherlands


  • the weather

In the Netherlands the weather is much colder and wetter. It’s raining a lot but when it is, it’s just drizzle.The temperatures are in the summer between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius and the air is wet. In America it’s extremely hot, it’s between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius the air is very dry.  When it’s raining it’s raining very hard and for the whole day.


  • the landscape

In the USA the landscape is very different than the landscape in the Netherlands. There are high mountains and a lot of woods in the USA, while the Netherlands is flat with a lot of water. Here you do have bears, but in the Netherlands we don’t.


  • The people

In the USA the people behave different of the people in the Netherlands. They are very nationalistic and very enthusiastic about America. Also they say: ‘hi, how are you?’ To greet, where we Dutch people just say: ‘hi’. For us Dutch people it’s confusing what we have to say when someone greet us.


  • money

This is the easiest one. Instead of euros, in the USA they pay with dollars. Also, when you pay by card, you just have to give your card and they will pay for you instead of giving your pin code


Hopefully you see how many differences there are and there are many more! But maybe you could better find out by yourself…

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