A few times throughout the jamboree, I’ve headed over to the food houses, ready to try some different foods from different places. The food here at the jamboree is quite plain, so I was excited to try some from different places.

The first thing I tried was a maple snowcone, from Canada house. Canada is my country, so I felt that the first thing I tried should be from there. It was awesome, and they’ve also got some maple iced coffee, and pancakes with maple syrup, so if you like maple, go check out Canada house!

I’m half Dutch, so I also brought a friend from my unit over to the Holland food house. We had some stroopwafels there, which are a thin waffle sandwich with caramel. My friend also tried biterballen, which are a small deep fried ball filled with a meat paste. They were also covered in mustard, which was a bit odd.

I haven’t tried much else, but the second you walk through that area of the jamboree, your nose draws you to the tents, where smiling people will make you some food from their country, and they are also happy to explain what the foods are.

Another thing I’ve noticed with the food houses, is that many countries really like mustard. Whenever you see people eating in the big food tents, they’ve got mustard all over their food. I’m not quite sure why people love mustard so much, but they seem to like it a lot.

I haven’t got anything against mustard, but when there’s so much mustard that you can hardly see your food, it seems a little overboard.

Anyhow, enough about mustard.

I’m awfully tired today, and I can’t wait to collapse onto my cot. So thanks for listening to my rant about mustard and other foods, and goodnight.

See you all tomorrow.


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