Today I woke up with the widest smile on my face because I was gonna attend a NASA live stream from the ISS. As soon as I got out of my tent helped one of my leaders fix her tent and the rest of the contingent get the water from the rain we had on Monday out of there tents. I then made my way to the Tillerson center, where the live stream was gonna happen. I was crazy excited when I learnt that I would be asking an astronaut in space a question, mostly because I wanna become an aerospace engineer after university. All the global ambassadors were a little nervous at first but I think everyone did amazing. As soon as that was completed I had lunch with my father and reunited with my contingent at the Better World tent.

At the Better World tent we did all the activities we couldn’t get to on Monday and I enjoyed every second of it. I even got to play cards with a few Swedish Scouts afterwards!

Our base camp had its base camp bash tonight, and it was a lotta fun, even if my contingent saw some things that are looked greatly down upon back home. Even so, I greatly enjoyed the whole bash, especially all the free hugs.

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