Today I woke up really early because I was so excited to get to hike Mt. Jack. In fact I woke up at about 5:20 AM. We completed all our morning chores and began our journey cross-camp to base camp A at around 8 o’clock and got there at like 9:30. It took us until exactly 11:17 to reach the top and we were crazy exhausted.

Once everyone took a moment to rest, went through the pioneer camps museum and I got a cool glass bead. We loved the pioneer camp so much that we just had to do each and every activity up there. My personal favorite was the museum and the field medic, probably cause I love history. Unfortunately by the time we finished with the pioneer camp and ate lunch, everything else was closed, so we began walking back down and we had to rush, because a Global Ambassador from the Netherlands was coming to our camp for some dinner. I was so excited that I kept rushing my troop to walk faster; I walk much faster so it was a mega flex. I even walked over a really high bridge and I’m terrified of heights. However, despite our efforts, I got to our meeting point a whole hour late. She got to witness an almost authentic Ethiopian coffee ceremony and even got to dance after. I think she enjoyed the whole thing, apart from the waiting that is.

As each day passes in the Jamboree, I make more and more friends I’d be glad to have for the rest of my life. I never thought i’d have this much fun learning and meeting new people from everywhere, even in space.

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