Today involved a lot of sunshine and a lot of walking.

Today it was the hottest it’s been at the jamboree so far, and the sun was blazing.

I started out by heading over to The Rocks, where I conquered a few different climbing walls. The Rocks is one of my favourite areas at the jamboree. You step into the dusty area, and you’re surrounded by tall climbing walls, scouts scattered around or hanging off walls in their brightly coloured helmets. Me and a couple friends also did the leap of faith. The leap of faith is a tower, and they clip you into an auto-belay. You then have to run off the edge, trusting that it’ll catch you. It was tons of fun, and after we’d tried it once, we got a bit braver, doing things like leaping off backwards.

After we’d sweated buckets in the bright sunshine, we were desperate for something to cool us off, so we headed down to the paddleboards.

We hadn’t brought our bathing suits, but we were too hot to mind, so we just went in our clothes.

The water in the lake was wonderful, cool and soothing against my sunburned skin. The line for paddle boarding was short, so we went twice, laughing as we fell and jumped off our boards into the water. The sun beat down on us, but it wasn’t nearly as bad since we were submerged in cool water. The lake was quite beautiful on a hot day, with so many scouts scattered across it, paddling colourful paddleboards, scrambling up obstacles in Water Reality, or sitting on the shore with their bare feet in the water.

After we finally left the water, we made the long hike back to camp, immediately hot after we left the water.

The day cooled down a bit after the sun began to set, and then it was time for the scouts to emerge from the shade they’d clung desperately to all day.

The minute the weather became cooler, scouts began to visit each other, trade gear, and become a lot happier.

Chatter and laughter filled the air, and the sun set over another night at the jamboree.



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