The jamboree is a place blooming with culture and tradition- like the traditional pakistani biryani and Swiss cheese fondue. To celebrate this fusion of cultures, we had a culture celebration day, where everyone dressed up in their traditional outfits. I wore a ghaghara which is one of the traditional Indian outfits. The Indian contingent had kheer, an Indian sweet dish, and spicy puffed rice, which the guests rather enjoyed. There was a henna center where people come for henna tattoos. The vibrant and colourful ambience was worth a watch. The night ended with a unity show, which was the perfect ending to a perfect day. The next day, I went to the archery base, and realised that archery isn’t as easy as it looks. After a long time and a lot of effort, I finally managed to shoot the dragon in the eye!The night ended with dinner and dancing with the dutch contingent, safe to say that everyone had fun. The jamboree is about interaction and exchange, it has taught me the art of socialising.



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