My dear Jamboree,

It was emotional… real emotional. It was my last real day as a Global Ambassador. However I don’t want to confuse my millions of readers/fans so I will start in the morning:)
I woke up and I ate my porride (yupp no toast today) and then I had a GA job. I did the GLOBE leadership escape room. It was sooooo entertaining. In Luxembourg we have a lot of escape rooms and I nearly did all of them. So the GLOBE was perfect for me.
And then in the afternoon it happened. It was the closing reception of the Global Ambassadors Program. The reception was very moving and emotional. A big part of my time on the 24th Jamboree came to an end. 4 GA‘s also held a speech about how they enjoyed the Jamboree and the program. I think Leone‘s from Malaysia was the most beautiful, even though the others were also very well-said. Someone said we didn‘t just unlock one world (slogan of the Jamboree) but many worlds. And I can just say that that’s true. I unlocked so many worlds, I saw soo many new things, I survived so many adrenalin rushs, I met so many new people, I learned so much about myself and the nature and life….
I am going to steal the slogan of the swedish contigent and say ,be a key‘. Be a key in every possible situation.
And thank you to endure my daily blogs:) I hope this program will make a lot of other future Jamboree participants as happy as me.

See ya later alygator


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