My dear Jamboree,

The first week is already over and my world has already widen itself sooooo much.
Our plan was to go skateboarding, however we did not listen to our leaders saying , oh girls it will rain…‘ Sadly we got lost so we walked for over an hour. Finally we made it up to the park. We did the briefings and the warm-up and then we could finally start and wow. It was soo big and sometimes scary. My skateboarding skills are really low. But with the help of the patient instructors it was not so scary afterall. And they were really patient, because I was a real bad student.
The bad part was that after the waterbreak it started to storm, like really storm. We needed to stay there for an hour and a half. But we had our fun while waiting.
In the afternoon we explored some of the tents and I did the Nordic challenge ( Finnland, Sweden, Iceland, Danmark, Norway) and I got a real nice badge.
It was really funny day:)

See ya later alygator.

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