My dear Jamboree,
I was on a hunt today. Yep I am a real savage. I was hunting Novus points and I succeeded. I am now the 399 of 42818 participants… that’s not bad. I really suggest you do the Global Development Badge, firstly it’s really beautiful and you meet so many new people who motivate you to be the best version of yourself! The most fun challenge was the flower bomber. The most interesting challenge was the GDV ocean. The most inspiring challenge was when I was able to talk to WAGGGS members. It is worthy to take a good look in those tents, I even got a new self made, ecological pair of shoes from the Hungarians.
In the evening we had a big dinner with all of our neighbors (Korea, USA, Belgium, UK if someone cares) My troop met a lot of new people and their ways how they eat for dinner. It was really interesting.
See ya later alligator.

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