Today was an early start for me since I was due to participate in a water obstacle course at 7:30 AM and my campsite was across the camp from where the event took place. When I got there, I was placed in a group with three extremely friendly Swiss scouts. Right after waiting in a long line, it was our turn to jump in the water. Under normal circumstances, I would never want to jump into a lake at 8 in the morning, but hey it’s jamboree! The four of us made the plunge into the (surprisingly) pleasant water and, with a little bit of teamwork, we managed to make it over the massive main obstacle and finish the course. Later, as a token of friendship, the Swiss scouts gave me a patch from their Jamboree uniform. After I changed out of my wet clothes, I went to go do the GLOBE Leadership challenge with my USA troop. In it, we were put through a crash course in leadership, which culminated in all of us working together to get out of an escape room. Following a brief post-exercise discussion, I made my way up to the Rex Tillerson Leadership Center to meet none other than Rex Tillerson! Right afterward, I participated in a robotics workshop with fellow Global Ambassadors from Italy and India. There, we assembled a bionic hand that responded to our hand movements! Later, Surpreeth (the Indian Ambassador) and I walked over to the World Point, where we tried our hands in Lacrosse, Hockey, and Drawing. We even took a photo in front of a green screen with full Canadian outfits! When we finished, it was lunchtime, so I said goodbye to Surpreeth and made my way over to the international food houses. After much deliberation, I decided to try food from the United Kingdom food house, and I ordered chips (fries to Americans!) with mac and cheese along with an ice cream cookie sandwich. The food was excellent, even though the ice cream completely fell out of the cookies. It was a great way to cool me down in this hot weather, and I’m looking forward to attending a concert in the evening! Until next time, I’m Sahil Singh, having a great time at the 24th World Scout Jamboree!

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