My dear Jamboree,
Hot, hot baby… it’s soooo hot, or how we call it in Luxembourg ,Stauséiwierder’. Today I did the Water reality and oh boy was that real. We nearly made the new highscore with 17min 20sec (best time 3 min 46sec).
We had lunch with a view like in one of those holiday catalogs and I really enjoyed my melted cookies:)
Afterwards we just wandered around even if you think you saw everything on the Jamboree something new pops out of the nowhere here in the Summit Bechtel. In one of the workshops I learned a lot about how to save some water and agriculture. It’s so fascinating too see people so encouraging and devoted to their believes. It really gives me hope.
In the evening was the bash (concert) finally on my basecamp. I am really jealous of the boots the singer had.
My evening ended with a nice cart game and a head full of new memories.
See ya later alygator.
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