My dear Jamboree,
Today was not a normal day… it was culture day yayyyy. We prepared our luxembourgish dish in the morning so I was really great full when I had some free time to go to all the other camps. It was awesome. Scouts are like an other species, it’s weird. I think other scouts understand what I mean. I was invited to all the tents soooooo friendly and welcoming. My favorite was the Indian tent. I learned who to properly eat rice (FYI I like the new version a lot more I think I will introduce it to the Europeans) and I drank the best tea I ever had. I learned a lot about other food cultures and their everyday life. Shocking news there are other sweets than just chocolate and gummiebears, I like the Swedish ones:) and of course I hope everyone of you came to the luxembourgish tent and tried Kniddelen!
In the evening was the Unity show on the big stage. It was really empowering and inspiring  too see all these different rituals and habits.The Jamboree crew was again too nice with us and brought the real broadway to us!!!! Uuuhhh yes. The real voices of Nala, Mufasa, Tarzan and Mary Poppins were live on stage and sang the old time classic of Disney tracks. I felt like 8 again. Cool!
See ya later alygator.
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