My dear Jamboree,
It’s day 3 and I took again advantage of my Global Ambassador privileges.. upsi. At 6:15 I met some other GA’s at the Summit Center and I surprisingly encountered a lot of people who where jogging… I can’t relate. I even met Steve, greetings to Steve:) So today I did the Big Zip and it was breathtaking. It was very early in the morning so there was still a lot of fog. I can’t describe with words the view I had. The people who worked there were so friendly they even took my panic.I really suggest you try it.
Afterwards I went to the shooting range. I have an opinion towards guns, however we learned all the safety rules and we were in really good hands.
In the afternoon I went climbing with my best friend and that was also a real challenge. Sadly I did not make it up to the top but it was still fun.
I hope all of you also had such a great day.
See ya later alygator
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