Waking up early in the morning the official opening day at the World Scout Jamboree had arrived. Although it was rainy the Maltese contingent was very excited to unlock a new world. After cooking breakfast we headed of to the other side of the camp site. Staying in a very long queue we finally arrived to the most awaited attraction in this camp the ‘Big Zip’. Later we trade some badges and went to cook dinner. We cooked a very delicious meal! We headed off to the opening ceremony. We waved with pride the Maltese flag as we sung some of our songs. Being present in the opening ceremony was a really nice thing. There was a lot of energy from every country which made every thing feel a thousand times better. When we saw the Maltese flag entering in the arena our contingent stood up and shouted a lot with a sense of pride. Then later we enjoyed the concert while we sung and danced. It was a very nice start to the Jamboree. Later we went back to our base camp while we partied a little more with the British contingent.

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