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So, since the global ambassadors got the opportunity to sign up for certain events, I signed up for the Big Zip. We had to wake up at 5:30 to be at the headquarters at 6:30 and it was so difficult because I had returned to my camp after midnight because of the unity show the previous night.
Anyway, despite all this, I went to the headquarters and we went zipping. We got like a 15 minute briefing before we got handed our equipment. There was a trolley hooked to us at the equipment tent from where there was like a 20 minute hike uphill to the actual zip. I was soooo scared at first and my heart started pounding like crazy when the guy said 3,2,1 and go! But once he let me go it was so much fun!
Then, I returned to my tent, called my friends and set off for the scuba diving. It was such a long wait, so I was there for like 3 hours, since everyone wanted to do it but it was worth the wait. We went in line and had to take a shower before entering the arena since the management didn’t want any gravel in the pool. So anyway, once we got in we had a briefing and then got handed the equipment. My instructor was so cool. So I was very scared of going underwater and wasn’t able to breathe with my mouth so he was there with me for like a whole 10 minutes until I got comfortable. I’d start trying to swim underwater and topple over to one side. Anyway, I did the scuba twice and it was amazing! We had to find little metal discs in the pool and got a badge at the and for it.
Next, all of us went shooting. Since it was so late in the afternoon, we could only do half of it. We did the chalk ball and the shotguns. The chalk ball for fairly easy and not as fun, it was kinda like paintball without hitting each other. Shotguns were amazing. One thing I learnt was that guns are heavier than they look, my arm was sore for a whole night after holding the shotgun. It was an awesome experience though. My instructor kept telling me to do this and that and I kept failing and that’s when he said, “You aren’t doing it right but whatever you’re doing you’re hitting the targets!”
Lastly we had our Base Camp Bash for base camps C and D that night. That was pretty hardcore too! The band that was playing was cool even though I don’t much like country music. The arena was totally packed and people were dancing and running around jut at peace, enjoying themselves.
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