Date: Tuesday July 23rd (Program Begins- Opening show)

Theme: What Keys does Scouting provide– Scouting in the new world.
Daily Reflection: How does your understanding of the Scouting community change as a result of your participation in this Jamboree?
How can you educate others or raise awareness about the Scouting Community?

Date: Wednesday July 24th

Theme: Experience
Daily Reflection: What’s the most important thing you experienced this week? Why do you think so? What do you want to learn more about, and why?

Date: Thursday July 25th

Theme: Recreation- game night previous night
Daily Reflection: What did I do to make game night more fun …
How can you take what you have experienced so far and apply it to your own life?

Date: Friday July 26th

Theme: Cultural Celebration Day- Unity Show
Daily Reflection: What interactions have you had with Scouts of other cultures? What parallels and differences do you see between their culture and yours? How has this experience influenced your view of our world?

Date: Saturday July 27th

Theme: Tradition- Campfire
Daily Reflection: What traditions do you have in your Scouting Unit at home, in your Contingent? What are the origins of those traditions and what value do they bring? What traditions have you seen from other Scouts and Contingents? Which of these traditions will you embrace and help shape?

Date: Sunday July 28th

Theme: Scout Sunday- Reverence- Community (block party)
Daily Reflection:
How can you as a Scout care for the Earth and all its people? What actions can you take to help create a more sustainable environment?

Date: Monday July 29th

Theme: Teamwork – Team night
Daily Reflection: What is one change you could make in the way you listen to others that would improve your effectiveness in working in a group?

Date: Tuesday July 30th

Theme: Scouting in Modern Society (Summit Stories)
Daily Reflection: What are some social connections that you are making or have already made? How do you envision these connections developing in the near and/or distant future?

Date: Wednesday July 31st

Theme: Servant Leadership
Daily Reflection: How does your Scouting unit have an impact in your community? How does your involvement make that happen?

Date: Thursday August 1st

Theme: Farewell Show- Multiculturalism
Daily Reflection: What can you do with the knowledge you gained from the experience to promote change in your community?

Date: Friday August 2nd

Theme: Departure am
Daily Reflection: Complete this sentence: Because I attended at the 24th World Jamboree I have learned or experienced …

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