Culture Day Celebrations and life in camp

Written by Megan Evans, South Africa.

45 000 people is a lot of people. I don’t think my patrol considered this when we arrived at the Canopy tours at about 9am to find a waiting line of 5 hours, courtesy of the wsj app. After debating and contemplating for a while, we decided we would try out the rock-climbing base, as they had a wait time of only 45 minutes.

We had a pleasant walk through the Jamboree site, walking through the food court and past a lake. We arrived to find a long line, which luckily was moving quickly. There were Novus bases set up outside the base so that we could learn about rock climbing whilst we waited.

When we got in, it was free for all. Anybody could do anything, including rock climbing, bouldering, abseiling and the “Leap of Faith,” which consisted of a zip line, attached to an automatic belay mechanism, in which the scout had to jump off a 10m platform and quickly get lowered to the ground. To see more about this experience, be sure to watch my “Camp Life” video on my Youtube channel.

The next day was Culture Day. On this day, Scouts dress up to their cultures, and make food and host games from their countries, and show off their countries to guests. Scouts go around the Jamboree sites and learn about eachothers cultures and lifestyles.

Our attraction included Rooibos tea, Rusks and an assortment of sweets, including fizzers, chomps and chappies. This was definitely a hit, and people were constantly coming back for more.

The day was ended with a Unity Show, which included religious displays by most religions represented at the Jamboree, and then performances by Disney on Broadway.

Culture Day has definitely been one of the best days of the jamboree this far!

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