Today all the usual programs and activities at the Jamboree were closed as we had a day to celebrate all the different cultures from each country. For breakfast, we had a ‘street party’, where we lined the streets of our sub camp with tables and chairs and ate breakfast together (as you can tell, our unit was wide awake!!)


From 10-4, we were free to visit the camps of any unit in our neighbouring sub camps, and experience activities and culture from their home towns. The Swiss camp next to us had a chocolate fondue, we practiced pronouncing Irish names (eg. Sadhbh and Saorise), and at a Taiwanese camp we tried noodles and made origami decorations!

We also visited an Italian camp, where we  played ‘guess the song’ with Italian songs and tried some pasta, a Danish Camp where we tried Danish liquorice and apple pie and played a (very violent!) capture the flag game. Each patrol took it in turns to stay back at our camp and serve tea, and we educated some Americans about British music- none of us could believe that they’d never heard of Stormzy before!


This evening it was time for the Unity Show in the AT&T Summit Stadium, where we learnt about many different cultures and religions through various songs, speeches and performance. We also had a visit from the UN Youth Envoy, who delivered an inspiring speech about how we are all united and can change the world through scouting. At the end of the show, there was a surprise performance from a “Broadway sings Disney” show and encouraged everyone to sing along- it was amazing to hear 45,000 scouts all singing along to the same songs together, and made us realise how similar we all are, despite our cultural differences. 

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