This morning we didn’t have to wake up as early as usual because it was culture day. The purpose of the culture day is that everyone gets to know other countries culture. So I woke up around 8:00 am and we ate breakfast ( some cereals with milk ) a half hour later.
We decided that every hour another group of six scouts stayed at our camping place to introduce Liechtenstein to all the scouts that came by.
My group had free time until 1:15pm and then again from 2:15pm to 4pm. We learned a lot about all kind of cultures and even tried to follow some “easy” (at least they told us they were easy) dance steps from Chile. They looked so good but were so hard to do. Usually, I don’t have problems remembering dance steps but I just couldn’t do them.
In total, we visited circa fifteen different countries and tried all types of food. I liked the swiss food a lot because it is so similar to the stuff we eat at home ( Noodles with cheese and potatoes ) but also the Pancakes from the Netherlands were so delicious that I wanted to eat a ton of it.
But there was also some food I didn’t like that much. I tried salty liquorice but I instantly regretted it. The thing is that I don’t like liquorice in general and unfortunately it didn’t tasted any better mixed with salt (my opinion).
In the evening took a big show, at the same place where the opening ceremony was, place. Again, I was just impressed as I saw that the whole arena was filled with thousands of scouts. It is still hard to believe that we are actually here after the long time with been waiting to finally be here.


Beautiful sunset right before the big show

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