Culture day has got to be one of my favorites so far at this Jamboree! To those who don’t know, during culture day at the jamboree, all the activities are closed, and all the different campsites from different countries put on little events of their own to display interesting parts of their culture to the rest of the world. I decided to go down to A and B camp, which are located on the other side of the summit and explored various camps with my friends Travis and Jacob from my troop. One of my favorite stops by far was a camp from the United Kingdom, where we enjoyed authentic British tea in real china cups! I never imagined the difference that a little bit of milk can make to a good cup of tea. I also learned many interesting things from other countries including how Scotland has an orange drink that oversells even Coca Cola, Canadians regularly drink chilled maple syrup in shot glasses, and Germans bring their own tents to the jamboree in which 5 of them sleep at a time since it makes them feel more at home. I even got to try on a Japanese kimono! (They said it was for girls, but I wasn’t gonna let that stop me!)

People who visit other countries tell me the best part is learning these cultural differences, but while they can only see one at a time, the Jamboree is one of the only places in which you can visit more than 100 countries in a single day. It is truly special. Things I take for granted in the United States are fascinating to others. Hearing these facts through text or any other digested medium gets the idea across, but thanks to today, I think I truly understand what it means to be a global citizen.

The day ended with a ceremony to solidify these ideas of unity. It was absolutely incredible. One of my favorite moments was when everyone’s novis bands lit up red and orange as the “fire of unity” spread from on stage. This choreographed display was truly a sight to behold in person.

I have many photos I would like to post here, but I have been trying for more than an hour and it seems to be an impossibility. Here is the only one I can get to you for now.

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