Yesterday was by far the best day I have at at the world scout jamboree so far. As my patrol was on duty I had the first shift of the day. For am hour I walked about our site In my saffron kilt and greeted everyone who arrived on our site. I talked continuously to people from all over the world about my wee country Northen Ireland. I provided them with soda bread and even taught a group Irish dancing.
Afterwards I was free to explore the whole jamboree site and I was able to eat foods from all across the world, including a chill powder lollipop  from Mexico, It was spicy. After hours of experiencing loads of culture’s I went back to my own site and washed up for the big show.
Now, the big show was so interesting they had people from across the globe singing songsfrom their county. Then out of nowhere members of Broadway shows sang songs from Disney. Including the famous let it go to finish  the night.
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