Cultural mashup
Jamboree it’s a small world in it self. You meet new people all the time. When you go to the store, when you wait in line or even when you’re waiting for the toilet. You really can’t miss a day in which you wouldn’t meet someone.
Today we also invited the troup from Lebanon to have a dinner with us. First few words were kinda hard, but than we got along. We connected our similarities and made new friends. We found out what we have done so far and that they really like talking.
On the other side you can try many different activities. We tried shooting, because we can’t do that in our country. It was an unforgettable experience, definitely. First we went for the pistols and we were really surprised, because it was our first time, but we weren’t so bad. Than we went for »big guns«. It was also hell of a fun experience. First the smaller .22 than .223 and for the »grand finale« .308.
Overall that was one of the things we will remember the most.
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