Imagine being able to experience 100+ countries in one day?! Of the 6 base camps I only visited 2 and still got to experience many diverse cultures from around the globe. Morocco, Taiwan, and Italy.

My friends and I learned about many cultures. We got to try a lot of ethnic  cuisine including Leicha a Taiwanese tea, Atay a Moroccan variant of tea. 

Knäckerbröd Råg (Rye Crispbread) from Sweden was a savory treat I won’t forget. My personal favorite was  Stukku tal~Qataćć, a Maltese artichoke spread.

In addition to food, each campsite offered unique activities for a better understanding of each countries’ diverse culture. For example at the Moroccan camp, the Atay tea and Henna tattoos. At the Swedish’s we took part in Små grodona (Swedish Midsummer Dance). For more info click link:

At Norway we played a traditional game called Hallingdans. A hat is on the end of a pole or stick and a person has to kick it off. After every successful try, the stick is raised. For more info click link:

By the end of the day, I had been exposed to a variety of new foods, practices, and most importantly perspectives. I have a new found interest in each culture. Next step is to  visit all of those countries!!!!

Here is the link to my slideshow I posted on YouTube:

Thank You,
Alexa Agamalian
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