One of the reasons why I was so exited to be part of the jamboree is the diversity. I love meeting new people and getting to know all about their culture. That’s why I found cultural day so awesome. Let me tell you all about today. Every country had to present itself to others through foods and games and songs and folklore. Over at the Lebanese corner, we made hummus and manakeesh and taught the visitors our traditional dance: the dabke. As you can imagine, all of that made us homesick, but we were quick to find quite an effective remedy as we went around visiting other countries’ stands. The food was out of this world. First of all, I had some Italian pasta that would’ve made my mom’s spaghetti and meatballs have an existential crises (sorry mom). Then we had some interesting licorice candy. I never knew candy could be… spicy? Afterwards we had some really nice ginger bread cookies from sweden. We also played a really funny game in order to get to eat some delicious pancakes from norway. And that’s just a portion all of the things we did today! Check out my video for more!!

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