Mauritius being geographically situated in the Indian ocean is found at about 750 miles from Madagascar island, is unknown to many people around the globe. Mauritius is a particular island; not too big but submerged with a plethora of cultures originating from various corners of the world, for instance African countries and India mainly.

It may be a dot which we ignore on the world map but its history behind its success today is gigantic. Mauritius as described by Mark Twain ‘it is a fragment of paradise’.
Through the cultural day, the Mauritian contingent set up in different  sub camps was given the platform to make others discover the beauty of that tropical treasure.

We had as traditional dish ; a fish curry known as the ‘vindaye’ ; a Mauritian dish comprising of tuna, onions and spices. Then we had a beef curry, cassava biscuits and a typical snack from our country; it is made from ‘dholl’ , a pulse, spring onions, onions and chilli and finally, stir fried vegetables with ‘tofu’. The ‘oh wow! ‘its amazing’ filled us with immense joy.

Not only Mauritius but other contingents as well were actively preparing for the exhibition of their goods. We had the unique opportunity of our lives to explore and discover that carnival of cultures.
That day, we got to known how diversified the world was and the extent to which we need to explore it!
I would like to share a personal belief “ As colours we are many but as spirit we are one!”

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