Today was our jamboree culture day. All the units set up stands and booths with different food and activities native to their countries. We, as Canadians, made bannock. Bannock is a food eaten by our Indigenous peoples.

While wondering around the other units we stumbled upon a few that really stood out to us.

The first was the Brazilians who were giving out Brazilian candy. They were nothing like the candies we have back home, they were made of caramel and peanut butter!

Our next stand was Korea. They made us Korean pancakes. They were balls of pancake dough with a maple syrup like paste in the middle. Delicious!

Our last stop was the Italians. They fed us pizza, pasta and Nutella on wraps. The Italians were very hospitable and they taught us how to count to 10 in Italian. We talked about our cultures for hours and we all became good friends.

The evening started with a cultural show where scouts talked about their different religions and beliefs, and we had an indigenous tribe member come in and help us all “light up the fire within us”. Our Novuses (bands that we all wear on our wrists) lit up orange to show our fire.

The night was finished off with a broadway show, and everyone was glad to join in with the final number: let it go from frozen!!

Today was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I am extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to learn and experience other people’s cultures. I hope the other scouts enjoyed our Canadian bannock as much as I enjoyed what they had to offer!

Singing off, Eleanor


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