The units at Alpha Base Camp turned their campsites into cultural hubs for Cultural Celebration Day with decorations, activities, and food from their home country. Cultural Celebration Day provides a multicultural experience across the Jamboree and participants are encouraged to Unlock a New World by visiting other country’s campsites.

In Alpha Base Camp, a unit from Japan welcomed participants into their campsite for origami, okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), Japanese writing and green tea. The campsite was bustling with excited participants eager to learn about a new culture.

An Australian unit set up a food tasting table at the front of their campsite offering passers-by Vegemite on toast and chocolate Tim Tams (biscuits). The Australian scouts enjoyed watching the reaction of participants trying Vegemite for the first time.

American units across Alpha displayed their pride by offering flavored popcorn and teaching participants how to play corn-hole.

Units from Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Italy, and the United Kingdom among others offered a variety of local foods for participants to try, providing a real multicultural experience. Other units donned local dress with the Scottish playing bagpipes in kilts and Bolivians dancing in costume. Down at the A/B Stage, Slovenia scouts took to the stage to teach other participants a local song.

Cultural Celebration Day was closed out with the Unity Show at the AT&T Summit Stadium.

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