Today, my patrol and I walked around on an adventure to celebrate other cultures around the world. We explored England, Thailand, USA, Korea, just to name a few. I was so busy with the experience of socialising and meeting such amazing people I forgot to take many photos, but the ones I did are of amazing people which really engaged with us and let us explore their culture. We ate lots of different foods and learned lots of different games and songs in their varied cultures.

After a while, the patrol and I headed back to camp, where a lot of people came across to explore Australian Culture. We decided to teach them AFL (Australian Football League), have them eat Vegemite and cheese sandwiches, along with some fairy bread, and Tim-Tams. These foods are some of Australia’s favourite treats, and this really gave them the chance to see what it’s like to be a part of Australian culture. We also taught them the Nutbush!

While sitting in my campsite, a bloke called Micah from Florida came passed our campsite. He had a bunch of old Australian Jamboree scarfs (neckerchiefs), shirts, and even berets! I traded him for an awesome Wood-badge scarf, and a few others traded for some other stuff. The scarfs had been dated to 1987, and earlier! Absolutely awesome to meet Micah!

At night, we saw an epic show put on in the big AT&T Stadium, with so many other Scouts! They celebrated cultures and differences and how these differences bring us together and are all unique and awesome in their own ways. It was so cool! After the ceremonial things, we watched broadway actors and singers come in and perform major disney musical hits such as Under the Sea, Let it go, and so much more!! Can’t wait to see what the World Scout Jamboree has in stock for tomorrow!

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